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About Us

Partners in Franciscan Ministries (PFM) is a corporation established by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, responsible for the support, mentoring and oversight of the various sponsored ministries.  PFM’s primary mission is to see that each of the eight sponsored ministries incorporate Franciscan values; reverence, justice and compassion in how it meets the needs of the mission for which it was established.  PFM does this through leadership and expertise in: Governance, Mission Integration, Strategic Planning, Finance, Operational Services, and Ministry Leadership Recruiting.

About: About Us


The corporation of Partners in Franciscan Ministries will ensure that Franciscan tradition and mission continue through the sponsored ministry.


Inspired by our mission and committed to our core values, PFM will provide education, governance and fiduciary oversight so each board of the various ministries may govern effectively to meet the goals of their ministry.

Core Values

Based on the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities Mission Statement:  “Rooted in the Gospel we are sisters to all, serving with reverence, justice and compassion.”

About: What We Do

Partners in Franciscan Ministries offers leadership and insight to sponsored ministries in the following areas:  Governance; Mission Integration; Strategic Planning; Finance; Operational Services; and Ministry Leadership Recruiting.

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